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People keep selling my old X2 so here its free.

No virus, no payment. If you have questions just send me a message.

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About X2 emv software

After 5 years we become number one with our emv software. We are here to provide you the best service with our products.

New is our ARQC script and the NFC app. After payment you can download the software with a step by step guide.

What is ARQC

Each EMV transaction request is supposed to contain ARQC, which is a cryptogram generated from the transaction data. In the context of EMV, a cryptogram can be thought of as a digital signature on the financial transaction. A valid, verifiable cryptogram tells you two things:

  • the financial message originated from the source that it claims to be from
  • the contents of the message have not been altered
There are two cryptograms used in EMV: ARQC (Authorisation Request Cryptogram) and ARPC (Authorisation Response Cryptogram). The first one, ARQC, is generated by the card (after taking some values from the terminal), and hence it's part of a request message. The second one, ARPC, is generated by the issuer and hence it's part of a response message.

Review our X2 emv software

Review X2 emv software

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